Costa Rica 2018

Encounter With Christ will be making its second trip to Costa Rica and we would love for you to come!

Why Go To Costa Rica?

Travel Abroad

Have the opportunity to meet new people in their homeland and interact with a different culture.

Share the Gospel

Share the Gospel of Christ daily through tract distribution and Bible studies with locals.

Help Orphans

Two of the days we will travel to a local orphanage to run a bible study and help wherever needed.


One of the activites we do is zip line through the Costa Rican jungle.

Costa Rica 2016

About Costa Rica

Costa Rica is located in Central America and is bordered by the Pacific Ocean on the west coast and the Caribbean on the east coast. Due to the geography the country is lush with green rain forests and amazing scenery. The temperature in the central valley stays at an average high of 81°F. The country itself has made a huge push for tourism and is very travel friendly. Although the official language is Spanish, many of cabbies, hotel personal, and locals speak at least a broken English. We will be spending most of our time in the bustling capital of San Jose with a metro population of over two million people. The country has done well to the flow of tourists that come to take advantage of the wonderful climate, beaches, volcanoes, and countless events for the active.

Traveling to Costa Rica with Encounter With Christ was one of the best things I have done so far in my life. It was great to see how people live outside of the U.S, it really helps to put things into persective. Cosa Rica is also incredibly beautiful.

Eli Weldon

1st Missions Trip

Looking To Get Involved?

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